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Our Application are simple and smart
Simplicity in User Experience than complexity
We Believe that Simplicity can be harder than complexity because it takes a lot work to make our product simple than leaving them in a complex state.
We build with digital designs
Creating digital experiences that inspire, educate, and convert
Our designs structure is built to lead and inspire our users. Our creative and development services provide your organisation with the assets it needs to achieve its goals
Our Applications is world class accepted
Capitivating and functional Applications
We deliver stunning web and mobile app that solve real world problems with unique functionality, our designs are refined to fit in the user expericence.

Our Products

Coder’s Triangle is a software development company that specializes in the creation of software through the use of creativity and problem solving skills to solve problems and improve the standard of education and living of students while increasing the engagement between teachers and students.

Our Services

Our software is designed to be extensible and scalable. When your customer base grows, we'll optimise your IT infrastructure to support it.

Software Development

We build, we sketch, we analyse, we deliver and we maintain our product. Clients satisfaction is key, so we stay connected even after completion of their project.

Blockchain Development

With more trend in technology, we'd care to admit we can help you with everything from dapp application optimisation to setting up clustering and replication, removing redundancy completly.

Software Consultancy

With a wide range of experience from different industries if there's performance or cost improvements to be made in your systems, we'll find them.


We work with Innovation unrestrained by technology

Sometimes a website just doesn’t cut the mustard. Do you need an interactive web app, mobile app, or maybe a consultancy? Perhaps several smart technologies tied together? Our agile creative and technical teams can rise to any digital challenges.

  • Our philosophy is that we want the best for you.
  • Making software use at ease.
  • Best Solution For Your Web Applications.

What Clients Say?

These usually come from customers, colleagues, or peers who have benefitted from or experienced success as a result of the work we did for them.

Creativity And Problem Solving

Creativity And Problem Solving

The advantage Coders Triangle has as noted from the testimonies of our client is the ability to track and expose the real problems existing in the educational space and provide solutions, providing updates and feedbacks to users when needed.

Our Latest News

Coders Triangle (CT) Ecommerce Service.

First off, we'll like to enlighten you on what e-commerce is, the origin, the types, and the phases it has gone through up until this present day. And then we'll talk about the place of Coders Triangle in this space.

More about CTLearn

ln developed and third world countries today, it is estimated that out of every 8 students 10 have access to the internet. many higher Institutions have 24 hours access to the internet. yet they refer to traditional learning to e-education still not ready to adopt the virtual learning environment (VLE).

Coders triangle (CT) payment service

Trust of exchange, empowered users, durability, reliability, transparency, and immutability brought about the advent of blockchain technology.

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