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First off, we'll like to enlighten you on what e-commerce is, the origin, the types, and the phases it has gone through up until this present day. And then we'll talk about the place of Coders Triangle in this space.

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ln developed and third world countries today, it is estimated that out of every 8 students 10 have access to the internet. many higher Institutions have 24 hours access to the internet. yet they refer to traditional learning to e-education still not ready to adopt the virtual learning environment (VLE).

Usecase CTT: Introduction to My Campus Home (MCH)

Mission: making campus living easy for students and the environment When it comes to property purchasing especially renting a comfortable apartment for a student one certainly will face a conundrum of a lifetime, mainly in terms of making the right choice.

Awareness And Training Of Members Of Coal City University Staff Members, Use Case: CTLearn.

It Is A Well-known Fact That Coders Triangle Is Readily Equipped With The Tools And Equipment Needed To Take The World By Storm. A Clear Example Was Seen On The 29th Of October 2021 When The Team Was Present At Coal City University

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