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The major issues that surrounds courier service providers like us to the users ranges from providing a useful service, providing quality service, how to make transactions with us easy, the process involved to build trust in an industry that lack trust and finally understanding what the future holders for the industry.

The creation of our courier service is based on the issues that surround the industry and our service is built to perfect on the already existing innovation by perfecting all the glitches. Our courier service is focused primarily on institutions of higher learning as a take-off point, using the movement of goods from parents to children in universities to give a clear understanding.

It is important to emphasize the role courier service plays in the growth of any economy. We are to present a new approach to viewing how we can give a nearly perfect service and make profits while charging close to nothing due to all the factors that will be put in place to aid the perfection of services we plan to render.

The courier business is a booming market around the world particularly in developing economics. The increased online property trade and wide penetration of the internet have created a great demand for standardized courier service in order to boost living standards among members of any society.

The courier service has evolved from what it used to be, simply because of the inclusion of modern technology in the operations and development within e-commerce which has resulted in the growing confidence of customers on the use of online shopping. This has affected the structural activities around the business-to-customer service and client base leading to an increase in the volume of shipments. The improvement of the condition of service is essential to the objective of our operations as a company and by doing so increasing the demands for fast delivery with emphasis on the quality of service in relation to satisfaction of needs of our users.


Strategic plans for CT courier service

  • Trust

Trust! A very simple word but would determine the success of any corporation and if the business will stand the test of life. CT courier service is dedicated to earning that trust by any means by doing so there will be a strong engagement from users of our services. Consistency of service and delivering of promises is another way to earn the trust of users, personalized services by going the extra mile for the users and listening to understand the needs of the users no matter what it takes because by doing so we have happy users, growth takes place and expansion is made possible.

  • Timely delivery and affordability of service

Timely delivery of service is achieved when goods are delivered promptly with the application of ultimate care in the handling of the goods being delivered. Credibility is what we aim for as a company, parents can send documents or even food stuff to their children in school from any part of the country and it will be delivered fast and with care.

Affordability is seen with the reduced rate we charge for the service rendered with also an optional payment method which is $CTT.

  • Planning and innovation

Through planning and innovation, we plan to improve on the services we render while minimizing cost and maximizing profit. The plan is to build strong consumer relations among users and us the service providers. Coming up with promotional offers and added benefit programs.

Structure of service

Coders triangle is building a well-structured platform to create a functional and successful courier and logistics service, provider. The ability to make our service easy, fast and affordable is at the core of our mission by putting in place all the necessary factors to facilitate this move.

The service will not only be structured around the fast delivery of items or products or the affordability of service. We are putting measures in place to enable people to make orders for the delivery of their items to a designated location from the comfort of their homes without moving a muscle and still make payments for the service from their mobile devices. They can also track the location of the items as soon as it leaves their till it gets to the designated location.

We have structured our service to enable us to locate and track down all requests for delivery available around a particular location, make the pick, rearrange the orders based on the location of drop and send them off for drop-off.

Added regulations

Courier: door-to-door service, time sensitivity of service, and security of service and including the delivery of documents, parcels, merchandise, cargo whose total weight is not less than 0.5kg and not more than 50kg.

Logistics: service which includes haulage conveyance, dispatch, or delivery of items or goods weighing not less than 50kg.


CT courier service is to operate on a large scale from specific towns or cities, to regions, nations, and also global service. We are to utilize all the software technology available providing electronic proof of delivery, payment, and electronic tracking details.

It is essential to know the target market and we took our time to study the market to understand the needs of our clients. A lot has gone into planning, strategy, and deciding all channels needed for the structuring of our business activities. We understand that our users will demand quality, value, time, and personalized service and that is what we are going to offer. We aim for perfection and we will get that due to the understanding of competitive advantage, knowledge of strengths and weakness of our competition, and adoption of awareness as a marketing strategy to get the best possible result.

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